Supporter Spotlight – Chuck and Ginny Myer

Chuck and Ginny Myer have been with Ohio Valley Voices (OVV) from the beginning. In fact, their connection to OVV goes so far back that they can’t quite recall how or when they first got involved with the organization. “It was too long ago to remember,” they joke. And yet, their passionate commitment to OVV’s mission, and to making that mission a reality, remain steadfast.

Chuck, who was born and raised in Alabama, works as a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT) while Ginny, a native of Connecticut, began her career as a registered nurse before becoming, in her words, a “professional volunteer.” The two met as students at their alma mater, Vanderbilt University.

Chuck first joined the OVV family when Maria sought his help in getting the organization off the ground. “I was on OVV’s very first board of trustees and served as its first board president back when it was in the church in Montgomery and just a dream starting to come to fruition,” Chuck explains.

Around the same time, Ginny signed on to assist with the fledgling program’s fundraising efforts. “I formulated the idea of hosting an Annual Gala and recruited Meg Muething to chair the first one,” Ginny recalls. “And then I served on the Annual Gala committee and chaired the second one.”

By dedicating their time and energy to Ohio Valley Voices during this crucial early stage of the organization’s development, Chuck and Ginny have had a massive, lasting impact on OVV—one that is felt to this day. Now, decades later, they take great pride in seeing what the organization has become.

“My favorite part of supporting OVV has been witnessing its evolution from a humble ‘mom and pop’ operation into an acclaimed educational institution,” Chucks says.  “Knowing we contributed to its current success is very satisfying on a personal level.”

More recently, Chuck and Ginny have supported OVV by attending events and contributing to the annual fund and Silence to Speech campaign. For them, the opportunity to help children and foster the success of future generations remains as relevant and inspiring as ever.

“It is truly remarkable to watch children blossom and conquer a major obstacle leading to richer, more productive lives,” Chuck and Ginny say.

But perhaps their biggest motivation for serving Ohio Valley Voices is gratitude. As Chuck says, “We have been incredibly blessed and find it rewarding to assist in the success of OVV and the many students whose lives have been made better by their education at the program.” Striking a similar note, Ginny adds, “We have had very fortunate lives and feel the need to give back and make life better for others.”

Chuck and Ginny encourage people who are interested in OVV to take a tour of the Loveland campus. “Come see the children in action and you will be totally amazed!” they say. “It is wonderful to know that anyone can help these young people become productive, contributing members of society.”