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Who We Are

OVV is an early intervention program that teaches children with hearing loss to listen and talk through the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants. We believe that all children have the right to reach their fullest potential. Our mission to provide every OVV child with a language-enriched environment and the tools to talk to lead to a bright future.

We are one of the top early intervention and educational programs in the nation. We serve children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) from birth to eight years old. Our curriculum is designed to provide a comfortable, loving environment that fosters confidence and a life-long love of learning through talking.

We are more than a program. Our children become a member of our family.

Once you come through our doors, we call it “the walk.” “The walk” is the moment when a new family walks through our building for the first time. We together hear laughter and voices of children who are D/HH.

Every family deserves a walk.

Thanks to the many contributors we are able to give families of deaf children hope.

Ohio Valley Voices is a 501c (3) organization. We rely on contributions to accomplish our mission: teaching deaf children to listen and speak.


In 1999, three families that had children with cochlear implants formed OVV. In 2000, Ohio Valley Voices opened its doors for the first time; serving children with hearing loss in the tri-state area. OVV became one of the first options for these families.

Since that time, over 200 children have graduated from our program. These children are thriving and have moved on to attend schools across the United States.

Board Leadership

We are here because we have an unshakeable belief that children with hearing loss are capable of great things. Bringing these things to light takes work, dedication, and devotion, but it offers a child that is hearing impaired the best chance for a brilliant, productive life. Since 1999, Ohio Valley Voices has helped children in the Tri-State area communicate through listening and talking; forever changing their lives and the lives of their families. To us, every child and every spoken word is a gift.


Maria Sentelik earned her Master of Science (MS) in Audiology from the University of Utah. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. She has been the Executive Director of Ohio Valley Voices since its inception in 1999, Ms. Sentelik has vast experience working with children with hearing loss. She is passionate about empowering families to advocate for their children.

Board Of Trustees

Nancy Creaghead – President

Jon Westerman – Vice President

Michael Wolf – Treasurer

Sandra Mills – Secretary

Dr. Thomas Fischer

Jody Johnson

Dr. Robert Keith

V. Ruth Klette

Kathleen Lutz

Caloway Puckett

Colleen Swanson

John Wild

Board Committees

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee steers the Board of Trustees in its development of a strategic plan while also evaluating the Board’s effectiveness. The Governance Committee searches for, interviews, votes on, and onboards new candidates for the Board.

Members: Kathleen Lutz (Chair), Caloway Puckett, Colleen Swanson, and Jon Westerman.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the overall planning of all financial matters at Ohio Valley Voices including investments, capital expenditures, budgets, and appropriations, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees with respect thereto.

Members: Michael Wolf (Chair), John Caulfield, Sandra Mills, and Jon Westerman.

Development Committee

The Development Committee assists staff in developing a strategic plan for fundraising and marketing for Ohio Valley Voices and updates the Board of Trustees on the progress of the strategic plan. It sets fundraising and marketing goals, establishes strategies for successfully raising funds, recruits and assigns volunteers needed in the process, monitors the success of fundraising activities throughout the year, and requests Board assistance as needed.

Members: V. Ruth Klette (Chair), Dr. Thomas Fischer, Jody Johnson, Dr. Robert Keith, Andrew Sweeny, and Jack Wild.

Marketing Committee

Working under the direction of the Development Committee, the Marketing Committee provides oversight and guidance for all promotion and marketing strategies with the goal of increasing awareness of Ohio Valley Voices and its mission.

Members: Laura Carr, Jody Johnson, and Anjali Narayanan .

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for determining all maintenance and security needs for the interior and exterior of the school property and coordinating with the Finance Committee to ensure these projects are budgeted.

Members: Jack Wild (Chair) and Caloway Puckett.

Executive Directors

Maria Sentelik – Executive Director

Molly Weber – Associate Director

Casondra Cooper – Director of Marketing and Development

Wendy Pace – Business Director

Carey Ratliff – Program Director

Meredith Craven – Director of Special Services


Nicole Ash – Learning Center Teacher

Katy Baron – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 1)

Alysia Becker – Family Center Teacher

Breanna McClendon – Family Center Aide / Extended Day Provider

Janice Bunton – Learning Center Teaching Assistant

Julie Bunton – Discovery Center 1 Teacher

Jessica Buttram – Discovery Center 2 Aide

Julie Carter – Discovery Center 2 Teacher

Natalie Craven – Clinic Office Manager

Ashley Domek – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (LC)

Michelle Ellis – Program Administrative Coordinator

Jill Rewerts – Discovery Center 1 Aide

Kaitlyn Gilfert – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 2)

Kristen Haught – Speech-Language Pathologist/Tester

Emily Johnson – Executive Administrator

Kaitlyn Kish – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (FC)

Selina Kissell – Discovery Center 2 Aide

Katie Krekeler – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (FC)

Ruth Lamphier – Administrative Assistant

Erin Lipps – Audiologist

Melissa Martin – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 1)

Molly Matthews – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 2)

Saira McMullen – Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist

John Leo Muething – Assistant Director of Marketing and Development

Anne Neuville – Development Coordinator

Julie Paulson – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 1)

Leslie Raulie – Family Center Coordinator

Danielle Simmons – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (LC)

Megan Stercula – Learning Center Coordinator

Michael Sweeny – Development Assistant

Hannah Tully – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (DC 2)

Rachel Wade – Audiologist

Kari Weinheimer – Listening and Spoken Language Provider (LC)

Hali Zorb – Discovery Center 2 Coordinator

Job Opportunities

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