Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who generously support Ohio Valley Voices. You give our children a voice—and a future!

This list includes donors who made gifts between January and December 2020. Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions. If you have any changes, corrections, or questions, please contact the Development Department at

A Good Neighbor Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Nicole Afman
Rev. and Mrs. Charles E and Jeanne E Akins
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Mindi Albers
Mr. Thomas Alloy
Ms. Jacqueline Amos
Mr. and Mrs. James and Marjorie Anderson
Karen Andrea
The Anning Family Charitable Foundation
Matthew and Margo Appenzeller
Janet Arand
Prof. and Mr. Patty and Gary Arnsparger
Arthur J. Gallagher
Asher's Chocolate Company
August A. Rendigs, Jr. and Helen Rendigs Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Megan Ballein
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Jackie Baron
Mr. David Bertsch
Mr. Ron Beshear
Mr. Jonathan Billak
Mr. Glen Bitzenhofer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Mary Boecker
Dr. and Mr. Christopher Bolling and Stephen Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Karen Bosse
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Elaine Boston
Ms. Brooke Bovenizer
Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Shannon Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Lisa Bowman
Ms. Molly Bradfish
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Karen Bradner
Mr. Mark S Braun
Tom & Mary Anne Brennan
Patti Bresler
Kimberly Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Tammy Brown
Debbie Buechel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. and Jeanne M. Buring
Mr. Robert Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Linda Canning
Laura Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Norma Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ault and Shannon Carter
Mr. and Mrs. John and Leslie Caulfield
Mr. and Mrs. Lou and Judy Cavallaro
Mr. and Mrs. James and Jane Ceddia
Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Fran Cercek
Charles Scott Riley III Foundation
Chas H Bilz Insurance Agency Inc.
Cherry Grove Sports Center, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Kimberly Choo
Christ Church Cathedral
Ms. Emily Ciesielski
Cincinnati Media LLC
Ritchie L Clark
Clermont County
Adam and Megan Coffaro
Mr. Phillip Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Terry N. and Sarah Ann Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P and Connie K. Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Casondra Rae Cooper
Mr. Brandon Cooper
Ms. Martha M Coors
Monica Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Meredith Anne Craven
Ms. Michelle Crawley
Dr. Nancy A. Creaghead
Ms. Lee Crooks
Shannon Crutchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Melanie Curlee
Kristi Daley
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton and Meredythe Daley
The Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundatio
Jesse Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Beverly Dawson
Katie and Alessandro DeAlarcon
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Cheryl Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Linda DeBlasio
Ms. Marianne DeCourcy
Amy Deger
Kristina Delaney
Mr. Jason Dempsey
Mrs. Susan Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J and Sally Derrick
The Disability Foundation
Carole A Donnelly
The Dorothy B. Francis Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Amanda Dressman
Mr. Bryan Douglas Dressman
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Barb A. Dressman
Mr. Ajdin Dropic
Anastasia Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Lindy Dworznik
Ms. Barbara J. Dworznik
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan R. and Merilin Earl
Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation
The Erma A. Bantz Foundation
Esther Price Candies
Mrs. Gillian Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge and Vivian Farber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Brook Fiegel
First Financial Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Kathleen Fischer
Kathleen Fischer
Ms. Barbara Fitch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Auyeung and Alicia Fitscher
Mr. and Ms. Aaron and Amanda Franz
Necia Freeman
Mrs. Lisa Freson
Kurt Freyberger
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Elizabeth Fromm
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nina Fry
Grace Fuson
Cathy Gallagher
Ms. Beverly Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Jill Gartner
Amy Geers
Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Sandy Geiser
Mr. and Mrs. Stasiu S. and Zamaris Geleszinski
General Electric Evendale Plant - Employees Community Service Fund
Danielle Gennett
Sharon E. Gibson and Brian E. Duff
D Grant Gilbert
Mrs. Karen A. Glandon
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Kerri Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Vinay Kumar and Reena Goel
Mr. and Mrs. John J. and Lisa H. Goetz
Shannon Goins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L and Carole Gomer
Mr. Ryan Goodman
Christopher Goodwin
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David and Sarah Green
Mrs. Lois Isaacs Gushin
Terri Haggard
Mr. John T Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Tara L. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton, Jr. and Martha J. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harjo, Jr. and Karen Harjo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harjo, Sr. and Jeanne Harjo
Dr. Catherine K Hart
Hatton Foundation
Mrs. Kristen Haught
Justin and Jenna Hawks
Toby Luster Hazen
Mr. and Mrs. John and Gwen Heilbrun
Mr. and Mrs. David and Jessica Heile
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heile and Linda A. Cassier Heile
Mr. Dale Hendricks
Mrs. Lisa Hensler
Mr. Stephen Hensley
Marylynn Herchline
Sandra Hinzman
Mr. Michael A Hirschfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Libby Hodapp
Mr. and Mrs. David F. and Molly T. Hodapp
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Melissa Hoffman
Mr. Jeffrey Holtmeier
Debbie Horn
Mr. Richard N. Hubbell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Kelly Hughett
Dr. Lisa Hunter
Integra Group
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Molly Ironmonger
J. Frederick and Helen B. Vogel Trust
The Jack J. Smith, Jr. Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D and Merrie P Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood and Norma Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf and Barbara Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Laura Jensen
The John and Shirley Davies Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jody and Megan Johnson
Mrs. Marge Jones
Journey Advisory Group
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Mary Ellen Kadera
Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Katie Kathman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keith, Ph.D. and Kathleen Thornton
Dr. and Dr. Glen and Peggy Kelley
Kendra Scott, Liberty Center
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Betsey Kessling
Sneha Khanvilkar
Dr. Jack E King
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Lauren Marie King
Ruth Klette
Ms. Bernadette Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Joan Krejci
Kroger Community Rewards
Mr. and Mrs. JB and Allison Kropp
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Karen Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krzeski and Maria Czyzyzk-Krzeska
Christina Kuhnhein
Clare Kwitowski
Ruth A Lamphier
Dr. Beatrice C. Lampkin, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler and Lori K Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Gayle Lanham
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Sandy Leuenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Judy A. Liedhegner
Jennifer Lindeman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Laurel Link
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Christine Lippert
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Erin Lipps
Lipps Electric Service LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William and Kaitlyn Livingstone
Locey, Mitchell & Associates
Renee Locker
Mr. Thomas R Lodge
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Rose Longworth
Michael and Martha Lopinto
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Brigida Loucks
Teresa Loveland Dairy Whip
Lucas Ford Associates
Mr. and Mrs. JD and Staci Lucius

Natalie Lukac
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Machi Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. John and Kathleen Lutz
Dr. and Mrs. Travis and Lizzie Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Majella Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. John T. and Martha A Lynch
Mary Louise Lynch
Dr. and Mr. Megan and Geordie Mackenzie
Barbara Magella
Magnified Giving
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mr. John Manoukian
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jessica Manson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Kellie Mappes
Mr. Arthur F. Marinaro
Judith A Marlowe, Ph.D.
Katherine Marshall
Laura Mate
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Trieg and Stephanie Matthews
Maxwell C. Weaver Foundation
Melisse May
Mr. and Mrs. Bick and Retta McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Elizabeth McAllister
Ms. Eleanor McCombe
Ms. Deborah McDonough
Mr. Michael D. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Helen McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Linda McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Abby McNerney
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Lea McQuinn
Chelsea MED-EL Corporation
Karen Menkhaus
Stephanie M Meyer
Ms. Sylvia Micozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Janice Miller
Mr. Matthew Millett
Sandra M. Mills
James Minutolo
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Barb Molloy
Mr. and Ms. Lee Stultz, Jr. and Sharon Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and Jennifer Mottier
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Wendi Wulf Moubray
Dr. Kimberly L Moulton-Gilfert
Mr. John Leo Muething
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Cynthia Muething
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. and Margaret B Muething
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mullins-Hall and Chadrian Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James and Sue Mundt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Murphy, Jr. and Kathy Murphy
Mr. Charles D Mustine
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Virginia A Myer
Elizabeth Nagji
Jorge National Consumer Cooperative Bank
Neediest Kids Of All
Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Anne Neuville
Joan Neuville
Mr. Don Neyer
Drew Nichols
Heather Niemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Paula Noble
Tricia O'Rourke
Oberkotter Foundation
Mrs. Wendy Oetjen
Timothy Ohio Attorney General
Ohio Department of Education
Options Schools, Inc.
Mrs. Rebecca Sue Otto
Julia Owens
Mr. and Mrs. James W and Abigail B Owens
Mr. and Mrs. John and Carolyn Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Wendy Pace
Pampered Chef
Mr. and Mrs. Filippo Passerini and Lucia Calzamatta
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Emily Payne
Peak Performane for Men Hampton Roads Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R and Mary Ellen Peffly
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Sandra Peffly
Peiker/Piatchek Associates, Inc.
Gus Perdikakis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Danielle Pipes
Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Haban and Kelly Pitocco
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Denise Pitonyak
Planes Moving and Storage
PNC Foundation
Mrs. Tasha Porter
Betty Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Drew Price
Mrs. Erin E Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Caloway and Tiffani Puckett
Stephanie Quehl
Mr. and Mrs. Venkat Ramanathan and Anjali Narayanan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris L and Kelly Range
Ms. Carey Ratliff
Aarti Ratnam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Beth Reichert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. and Mary Ann Rice
Rice-Christ Inc.
Mr. Randy Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. John A and Susan Rizek
Mr. and Mrs. John and Brittany Rizek
Brian Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. and J. Regina Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff J. Robson, Sr. and Jean Robson
Rocky Mountain Rep Agency LLC
Blake Roe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G Roesel, Jr and Lynn A Roesel
Mr. and Mrs. Reade and Nicole Rogers
Mrs. Carrie Rogiers
Mrs. Barbara Diane Rottinghaus
Tom Rottinghaus
Mr. Travis Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Meilan Rutter
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph D. and Nancy Sanchez
Mr. James A. Saporito
Sarjnt Inc. (dba SportClips Haircuts)
Dr. Robert C. Schiff, Jr.
Mr. C. Gregory Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. and Ashley Schmitz
Schnicke Development Group
Mr. Barclay G. Schraff
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Michelle Schreffler
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Robyn Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sue Schuetter
Mrs. Catherine L Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Jodi Schulten
Ms. Beth Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. James W. and Kristin Schum
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J and Jean N Schum
Jeff Schupp
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Ellen Seagraves
Ms. Karen L. Sentelik
Ms. Maria Sentelik
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Francine Shell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Ellen Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Deanna Sicking
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Julie Sill
Mrs. Ellen Smith
Amy Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Angie Sottile
Standard Insurance
Starr Family Foundation
Parniya StarTek Workforce Solutions, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Tara Sue Steedman
Stella M. Buerger Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin and Betty Stenger
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Leah Stewart
Mrs. Susan Stierer
Susan Stockman
Mr. David and Lauren Storer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sally Strange
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Sturm and Judith Serling-Sturm
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Linnell Sullivan
The Sutphin Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Colleen J. Swanson
Jacqueline Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E Sweeny, Jr and Diane Sweeny
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Rachel Swisshelm
Synchrony Financial
Stephanie Taylor
The Thomas J. Emery Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. and Jenny H. Thompson
Mr. Douglas Tillett
Mrs. Janet G. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Tricia Tomich
TR2 Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Laura Trenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. and Marilyn V. Trenkamp
Truepoint Wealth Council
Mr. and Mrs. William and Karalee Tucker
Ms. Vera Tucker
Bradley Tully
Mrs. Mary Beth Turk
University of Cincinnati National Student Speech Language Hearing Assoc.
US Bank National Association
Mr. Charles Van Wassenhove
Karen Van Zile
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Iirna Villavicencio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Susan Von Hoene
Katie VonLehman & Company Inc.
Ruth Wacker
Walmart Inc.
Dr. and Mr. Lisa and Kerry Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. and Tammy S. Warner
Jennifer Webb
Dr. and Dr. Richard Weber and Nancy Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Heath and Molly Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin and Barbara Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Louisa Weinrib
Jackie and Bill Welling
Mrs. Roxanne Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Elizabeth D Westerman
Paul Westerman
Brian Widrig
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Sheryl Wiener
Mr. Jack Wild
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks K and Sarah Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Viktor and Mary E. Wilhelmy
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Dagmar Wilhelmy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Patricia J. Wilken
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph and Maribeth Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Kim Wilson
Lawrence Wilson
Leah Winkler
Jonathan Winterkorn
Mr. Garen Wisner
The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sara Wolf
K Charles Wright
Mrs. Shannon Carrie Wullenweber
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Elizabeth Wurtenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. and Christine L. Wurtenberger


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