Staff Spotlight – Melissa Martin

“Ohio Valley Voices is a place like no other and they will literally try anything and stop at nothing to help any child they can,” says Melissa Martin, Large Room teacher for the Exploring Center.

Melissa received her Master of Science in Deaf Education from Washington University. She first learned about OVV when our Program Director, Carey Ratliff, spoke to her graduate program. She started as a student teacher in January of 2020. “I was offered a teaching position and immediately accepted.”

Melissa started her career at OVV and was able to find herself as a teacher. Her journey began as a Listening and Spoken Language provider for our preschool. She then became the Large Room teacher for the Exploring Center, which she loves.

“I have grown tremendously as an educator because I’ve been guided by amazing people like Carey. I can try new things and be creative and if things don’t go the way I thought, she is always there to help me find a new way. The kids and the families are amazing, of course, but the mentorship I have received here has been second to none.”

Starting her fourth year at OVV, Melissa continues to love it more and more every day. She is a strong, caring teacher who works hard to help change the lives and futures of our children and families. While we continue to learn every day, there is one thing she knows for sure:

“OVV is truly a place like no other.”