Staff Spotlight – Breanna McClendon

Growing up around hearing loss and her love for children, lead Toddler teacher, Breanna McClendon, fell in love with OVV.

In search of a new opportunity, Breanna learned of a toddler aide position with Ohio Valley Voices (OVV).  She didn’t know anything about OVV and immediately knew she wanted to learn more. After her interview she recalls being “speechless.”  “I couldn’t believe a school like this existed! It is amazing! I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of this organization.”

During Breanna’s teenage years, her hearing declined. She never seriously considered getting hearing aids until COVID-19 hit and realized how dependent she was on reading lips.

“It was through watching how amazing and confident these kids were while wearing their devices and seeing how they thrived and loved life, that gave me the courage to get them for myself. If these kids could do it, then so could I.”

What makes OVV so special to Breanna is the uniqueness of the programs and watching the families and staff rally around one another. “All hands are on deck to come alongside these families throughout their hearing loss journeys and help them any way they possibly can.”

As a lead toddler teacher, Breanna has a front row seat to each child’s milestones. She’s there from the beginning. Watching each child develop into their fun, loving, and sometimes sassy selves is a gift she never knew she needed.