Student Spotlight – Jaxton BieryGolick

A rambunctious, curious kid that soaks up everything, that’s Jaxton!

Jaxton BieryGolick turned two in October and is now enrolled in the Toddler Program. After failing his newborn hearing screens, his parents, Brittany and Keith, learned he has congenital sensorineural severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears.

The BieryGolick’s heard about Ohio Valley Voices from one of their first audiology appointments. “After our first meeting at OVV, we knew they would be an important part of the village we were building to support ourselves and Jax,” says mom, Brittany.

Less than a year ago, Jaxton started at OVV and has made amazing progress. So much so that his parents were told he might graduate soon. At only two-years-old, he is repeating everything he hears, “even if it’s Dad yelling ‘Hey babe’ up the stairs, Jax quickly follows with ‘Hey babe’.”

Jaxton is a natural communicator. Listening and Spoken Language Provider, Emma Frye, says, “Jaxton works so hard in therapy and is doing some really ‘big kid’ speech and language tasks. In the past year, he has gone from imitating environmental sounds (like animal noises and vocalizing “vroom” with a toy car) to putting three plus words together independently!”

His impeccable progress would not be possible without his parents. Brittany and Keith continue Jaxton’s listening and spoken language journey at home. They describe everything, spend a lot of time reading, and have his music teacher wear Jaxton’s mini microphone so he can better hear the lyrics and instructions.

OVV will forever have an impact on the BieryGolick family. “They not only teach Jaxton how to speak, but they help him be his best self. They give him confidence to embrace his hearing loss and one day champion others with similar challenges.”