Student Spotlight – Jacy Fishback

“Sweet and sassy” as mother, Jamie Bryant, describes her three-year-old daughter, Jacy Fishback. At birth, Jacy failed her hearing test. “Two weeks later we found out she has profound bilateral hearing loss that would significantly impact her ability to speak.” During this moment, emotions were all over the place, but hope was not lost. “You have to shift your hopes and dreams for your kiddo a bit and then you get to work. Help them create their future,” said Jamie.

When Jacy was around two months old, Jamie learned of OVV. She recalled how OVV has supported them from the very first phone call. “They constantly give solutions to our challenges. As a parent, that is priceless. We are also able to get Jacy her additional therapies needed (OT/PT) at OVV. This takes so much stress off our family and allows for more time to be spent together. Again, priceless.”

Currently enrolled in the Exploring Center, Jacy has built special relationships with her classmates, teachers, and everyone she interacts with. “Jacy is the life of the party; she loves to make people laugh and smile. She’s an enthusiastic participant in anything she sets her mind to. She’s also super sweet, if you ever need a hug, Jacy is your girl!” said Ren, Jacy’s Listening and Spoken Language Provider.

Her bright, spunky personality continues to impact everyone she meets. She has grown and developed so much since her time here at OVV.

“Go visit the school. Meet the people, especially the kids. It ‘speaks’ for itself,” says Jamie.