From Maria’s Desk – November 2022

Dear OVV Friends and Family,

Get ready because the holiday season is almost upon us! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before we know it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s will be here.  

I simply love this time of year. The atmosphere of good cheer and celebration that it brings. Over the coming weeks, our children will be preparing for OVV’s annual holiday program. It’s a time where friends and family will be able to hear our children sing and talk, reminding us how amazing these children are.

To me, the holidays are about two things: giving back and offering gratitude. Here at OVV, our staff, supporters, and families dedicate themselves day in and day out to giving back. Through their hard work, selflessness, and love, our children have a chance to grow and become lifelong communicators. Giving back is at the core of OVV’s mission and they are the ones who make that mission a reality.

Even as we work hard to give back, we recognize that we have so much to be thankful for too. As you may have noticed, construction for the Silence to Speech expansion project is proceeding at a rapid pace. The Turner Construction team has already poured half of the foundation for the new building and will be pouring the rest soon. It is truly thrilling to see our long-dreamt-of addition take shape!

We have plenty of other exciting seasonal events coming up, including, of course, our beloved holiday program. Be sure to check next month’s newsletter for more details.

Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for all you do for OVV and our children!