From Maria’s Desk – September 2022

Dear OVV Friends and Family,

Ohio Valley Voices’ 2022-2023 academic year is off to an amazing start! After a quiet summer, I’m delighted to see the children again and hear their laughter echoing through our hallways. Their presence is always missed.

OVV has record enrollment. We have started the new academic year with fifty-one children and have the largest toddler program we have ever had. We are so pleased that the new toddlers have found their way to us. As you have heard me say before, the younger the children come to OVV, the better their language outcomes. 

Starting this school year with record enrollment is a reminder of the necessity of our building expansion. Our classrooms are full and there is a waitlist for all programs. We are quite literally bursting at the seams! The expansion of Ohio Valley Voices is so important for the current and future children of OVV. 

We continue to work towards our Silence to Speech fundraising goal. We hope to raise 1.5 million this year. We have to get this expansion built! To find out more and help support OVV’s important work, don’t hesitate to contact our Development Director, Jeanne Jentsch, at

Thank you in advance for your support!




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