Supporter Spotlight – Jason Dempsey

Jason Dempsey believes hard work makes anything possible—a credo that informs his commitments as a professional, a father, and a longtime supporter of Ohio Valley Voices.

Jason grew up in Panama City, Florida, and earned his MBA from Wright State University. In his sophomore year of college, he joined Mitsubishi Electric, which manufactures everything from elevators to satellites to energy systems to home products. Starting on the assembly line, he gradually worked his way up to the front office and now serves as Supervisor in the Production Control Department.  

Jason also co-chairs the company’s philanthropy committee, and it was in this role that he first became aware of OVV. “Mitsubishi Electric has partnered with Ohio Valley Voices for many years,” he explains. “I first learned about the organization back in 2013 when we invited OVV students to our facility to play our Halloween-themed mini golf course.”

Since that memorable event, Jason has cultivated a long and fruitful relationship with Ohio Valley Voices. Besides stewarding the partnership between MEAA and OVV, he has given back to OVV in myriad personal ways:

“I have had the honor of participating in many activities with Ohio Valley Voices over the years,” he eagerly recounts. “These include running in the Flying Pig marathon relay, speaking at an OVV graduation, helping to clear the nature trail at OVV, and attending many OVV galas.”

“Last year I won an electric guitar in the online auction!” he adds with a laugh.

For Jason, supporting Ohio Valley Voices is a no-brainer—even aside from the cool prizes. “The philanthropy committee at MEAA has always looked for organizations that are having big impacts on the local community,” he says. And to Jason, it’s clear that OVV is doing just that—having an enormous impact on the Greater Cincinnati region by transforming the lives of countless children and families.

Even after all these years, Jason is amazed by the results of OVV’s oral education program, results he’s had the opportunity to observe up close during visits to the Loveland campus. “When I first heard that OVV was helping children with profound hearing loss learn how to talk, I couldn’t comprehend how that was possible,” Jason admits. “I still can’t comprehend it, yet I’ve witnessed it happen!”

In recent years, OVV’s miraculous outcomes have taken on added resonance—and become a welcome source of inspiration—for Jason and his son Jude in the face of unexpected hardship. Jason explains:

“Ohio Valley Voices has taught me that literally anything is possible when someone is committed to solving a problem. My son was recently diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and, while there is no cure at this time, I know that there are brilliant people in this world who are actively working on a solution to help my son.”

In spite of Jude’s condition, the father and son find ways to have fun and maintain a positive outlook. They enjoy going to the pool, playing Minecraft, and building Lego sets. In 2019, they appeared as runway models in Ohio Valley Voices’ L(OVV)E Amplified Fashion Show.

Jason Dempsey and his son Jude

“My son is very shy so I was nervous that he would meltdown prior to showtime.,” Jason recalls. “But he was so excited to show off his fancy clothes on the catwalk! Since my son has been diagnosed with DMD and I know that walking will be a challenge in his future, I’m so thankful to OVV for the opportunity to make that memory with my son!”

Jason and Jude’s memory of strutting down the runway is one they’ll cherish forever. Moreover, it was a perfect encapsulation of the can-do philosophy that sums up the OVV mission, the very same philosophy that Jason passes onto his son:

“‘I can. I will. I did.’ I wrote this in all of my hats growing up playing little league,” Jason reflects. “Nothing in life is easy. If you truly want a result, it’s going to take work. But it’s not impossible. Believe that you can, decide that you will, and celebrate that you did.”

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