From Maria’s Desk – July 2021

Dear Ohio Valley Voices Friends and Family,

I hope you had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July. After a long and challenging year, I, for one, relished the chance to unwind.

Today marks the end of summer school. This afternoon, we’ll say goodbye to our children until the 2021-2022 academic year begins on August 19th. I wish them all a safe and joyful summer break in the meantime. They’ve certainly earned it!

With summer comes an opportunity to pause, rejuvenate, and gather our energy for what lies ahead next school year. After all, the work we do at OVV as students and parents, teachers and administrators, is demanding and sometimes arduous—not a sprint, but a marathon. 

Reading about this month’s spotlight subjects—Molly Weber, Nancy Creaghead, and Alex and Leo Haban—I’m struck by the awesome perseverance they’ve demonstrated through the years: Molly as one of our founding team members, Nancy as my teacher in UC’s doctoral program and a longtime supporter and board member, and Alex and Leo as two of our earliest students.

These four remarkable people are part of the very fabric of Ohio Valley Voices. Without their investment over the past twenty years, our organization would not be what it is today. With grit and determination, they’ve excelled as individuals, elevating OVV in the process.

Alex, Leo, Nancy, and Molly are proof of the extraordinary things that are possible when you persevere, and they inspire me as I look ahead to the coming school year. We’ve got so much to be excited about at OVV, but first let’s slow down and enjoy summertime!

Take care, and I’ll see you in August!




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