Jack Wild – November 2020

Jack Wild is a man on a mission!  The Cincinnati area native, grew up in Evanston and  Dillionvale, and lived in Evendale for 42 years; helped bring new products to market as the seventh employee hired at Hill Top Research; and throughout various career moves, retired forty years later as vice president and technical director.  Now ‘retired’ and living at Twin Lakes in Montgomery, Jack has very little to prove to anyone.  A good friend enticed him to volunteer at Ohio Valley Voices.  Ten years later, it’s love that keeps him there. 

“I fell in love with the spirit of the place,” says Jack.  “Within the first few minutes of entering the building, you can feel the love that the OVV staff has for the children in their care.  These people are passionate about leveling the playing field for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”  Jack’s work at OVV started as part of the gardening committee responsible for creating woodland walking paths behind the school.

Now, Jack brings his business acumen to his work for OVV.  “I think I can be most helpful to OVV as we move into expanding our campus.  I can share my experience in managing the growth of a successful international business,” he adds.  Jack admits he has grown immensely as a volunteer.  “Initially, I thought OVV was an extension of St. Rita’s School for the Deaf.  Now I understand the differences, and I have seen how OVV’s approach works. The spoken  language is  universal so teaching our children to listen and speak in a hearing world is important.”

Jack believes once people learn about Ohio Valley Voices, they will be impressed by the breadth of services offered to the children and their families.  “I’m a connector,” he states.  “I want to help introduce a variety of people to OVV so they can provide meaningful support financially and through their talent and expertise.”

“OVV’s ‘magic’ is in how we embrace the work we do to change the lives of children,” emphasizes Jack.  “We are opening the door for children to experience their full potential. My skill is in bringing awareness of their services to more families and potential partners.”